Turquoise Cow Skull



SKULL: Shop in Cave Creek, AZ / PRIMER: Kilz Original / PAINT: Black Spray Paint / STONES: Joann / GLUE: Gorilla Super Glue / FINISH: Polyurethane Spray (Rustoleum)

Matt and I were visiting my dad and stepmom in Arizona when I saw this shop with a yard full of cow skulls. Jackpot!! My husband thought I was a total crazy person as I searched for the perfect one. I tried explaining to him that skull art is a normal thing but having grown up in Utah he just could not grasp the southwestern decor I grew up with in Texas. As a compromise we agreed that if he hates it once I’ve finished I won’t hang it. Luckily, he loved it so much it is now hanging in our bedroom.

Once we got it home I used super glue to firmly attach the teeth in their sockets. Once the glue dried I did a light sanding and wiped it down then applied a very thorough coating of primer. You are working with bone which is very porous so it is very important to not skip priming. I then painted the skull with some leftover black spray paint from another project, wrapping the horns as I like their natural color. The next step was so time consuming but thanks to Scandal + Netflix it was not at all painful. I hand glued all of the turquoise colored stones I picked out at Joanns. Once that dried I finished it with multiple coats of polyurethane.


I am awful at New Year’s Resolutions. Truly Terrible. In fact, I have been racking my brain and I cannot think of one resolution I have ever kept. I am determined to turn my track record around in 2015…literally.

I have been reading articles on keeping goals and have come up with a game plan.

Normally, I have a whole list of things I would like to do/change but, I am sticking to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) method.

  1. Keep my 2015 resolutions
  2. Run a Half marathon (NO walking)

Make a Plan

I will be running the Disneyland Half Marathon on September 6, 2015.

Registration starts February 10, 2015.

I will participate in a 10K to obtain a pace time to get into an earlier starting corral for the Half marathon.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I run 30 minutes.

On Saturdays, I run long distances in increasing intervals (started with 3 mi).

Enlist Support

I seriously have the best husband in the world! He has gone above and beyond this time. When I first told him about the race, he offered to join me. Be still my beating heart. I know it doesn’t sound very romantic, but he is so my Prince Charming. He even got me a Garmin Vivofit for Christmas.

Make it Fun

I know this is ironic coming from a former soccer player but I hate to run. Treadmills are the worst! But I have resolved to start going to the gym so many times and it doesn’t stick so I am giving running a shot. I mean really, who has ever seen an out of shape runner?

I chose the Disneyland Half Marathon because I figured what better place to run a miserable 13.1 miles than the happiest place on earth! Once Matt decided to run with me it got even better because I convinced him we had to run in costume as…..

Russell & Kevin from UP

To keep me motivated, I have set up a sort of reward system for myself. Once my mile gets back into the single digits I get legit running shoes. When I can run 7 miles straight, I get the blue lululemon running capris (to start off my Kevin outfit). I haven’t decided what hitting 10 miles will bring, but it will be good.

Tell People

I told Matt so he could keep me accountable for my goals during my weak moments, and now I am telling you. In doing so it is out there for anyone to see, and knowing you know will make me feel obligated to stay committed.

Puppy Thumper!



If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure your feed has been flooded with images of the newest member of the Damon clan, but I thought I would officially introduce him here on the blog. Isn’t he just the cutest?!

Thumper is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi born October 17, 2014. He has the spunkiest personality.  The kid is literally a big dog trapped in a little dog’s body.

I was quite anxious over how Titan would handle losing only child status.  As a result, the day before we picked up little brother was spent going to all of his favorite haunts and doing serious damage to the bank account at Petsmart. Once the Thumpster arrived, Titan became a little melancholy.  Alas, not to worry, they are now thick as thieves and LOVE to tug (yes, it is as funny as you picture). Thumper is quite the bossy little thing, so we are working on him kicking Titan off of his own bed, as well as his efforts to run Titan off of his food.  Our Gentle Giant just won’t stand up to the little punk.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

We recently had a family reunion with my mother’s extended family in Utah. I ended up coming home with a plate of THE most divine chocolate chip cookies I have ever had the pleasure of consuming. I literally hid the plate in the back of the fridge so I wouldn’t have to share.

After a plea on Facebook for the master baker to step forward and reveal their recipe I discovered that the cookies had been supplied by none other than my mother’s twin sister, Lynette. (Anyone else thinking of the Friends episode where Monica is frantically trying to recreate the cookie recipe passed down from Pheobe’s French family member “Nestle Toulouse”?) Fast forward two days and I am already on my second batch from the recipe she gave me and I just have to share.

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Nutella Cupcake

It is a running joke in my family that I cook like my dad. We have this inexplicable need to dirty EVERY dish we own. I have accepted the fact that the fabled “cook does not clean” rule will never be mine because I turn the kitchen into a culinary war zone. With that being said you can now fully appreciate it when I tell you that the havoc I wreaked on my quest for Nutella cupcake perfection was unlike anything I’d ever seen. my dishes had dishes. But it was worth every sudsy clean up second to experience this cupcake!

Nutella Cupcake

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Moving with a Dog

I have been MIA for awhile preparing for a move from good ol’ Utah to the San Francisco Bay area. My genius husband was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Stanford-Palo Alto University consortium graduate school program. I could not be more proud of him and excited for this new chapter in our lives. So in August of 2013 we loaded up in a truck and headed to Cali.


Here are some things that I learned along the way.

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It’s Labor Day!

Hope everyone has a fabulous day off! The sun is shining here in California and it seems like everyone is headed to the beach.



Matt and I just returned from France where we took an amazing Tauck tour of Loire Valley, Brittany, Normandy, and Paris. I couldn’t possibly fit all of the amazing things we have seen into one post so I will start with a quick video compilation of clips from our trip including our visit to the Pont des Arts to “lock” our love on the bridge.


Titan Turned 1

My baby boy is growing up so fast! We took him to PetSmart on his birthday and spoiled him rotten this gigantic bone was his favorite score it has taken him a month to finish it off.



The birthday celebrations continued in Arizona where my Dad has Zander (T’s Dad), Miya (T’s Mom), and Maximus (T’s brother).

My Aunt drove in with two of my cousins and T’s other brother, Apollo. My cousins also happen to be superb navigators on long road trips!


Matt has been working so hard on continuing his flight education so we decided to have some fun and fly down.


My handsome pilot.



I was so excited to see the Grand Canyon up close. Titan on the other hand couldn’t be bothered to wake up…


We had so much fun being with family and herding a pack of ridgebacks.


Titan, Apollo, and Maximus


Barbie and Maximus




Titan had enough of the bumpy truck ride and plopped down in daddy’s lap.

IMG_1799 IMG_1796

IMG_5049 IMG_5042

I could not believe my aunt had NEVER had a pedicure before! Barbie and I immediately fixed that.

IMG_5051 IMG_5052 IMG_5059


Zander, Maximus, Apollo, Miya, and Titan


I just can’t believe how quickly he has grown it feels like yesterday that I was flying out to AZ to pick out my lil chubba wubba.